About Us

Shantilal & Sons Jewellers started its journey in the year 1965 with just wholesaling of gold jewels and today they are going strong with a vast showroom in Nellore exhibiting wide range of gold and diamond jewellery. 50 years of trust and good will is what it has earned from its patrons. Since its inception, Shantilal & Sons Jewellers has always been a name to look up to for all the jewellery lovers whether corporate or individuals. With five decades of experience in the gold market ,well known for its ethics and values, this brand is one of its kinds in the world of gold. It has always given a tough fight to its competitors and has always been a nightmare to them in every sector it is into whether wholesale or retail. Shantilal & Sons jewellers is now a household name in Nellore and its neighboring areas when it comes to jewellery.  Word of mouth publicity has been the only mean for many years which formed the foundation of their goodwill. 

Mantra: The founder, Mr. Shantilal Jain follows a simple funda “Nothing Is Impossible in this world, If You Have A Desire To Do It, You Will Do It No Matter What”.

Vision: To get global recognition and reach every nook and corner of the world.

SL-Sons Advantage

SL-Sons has become a household name for the localites of Nellore and the villages nearby. It has a loyal customer base of 2000 plus who have their trust upon SL-Sons for every occasion in their family..

The reference rate  of the customers is as high as 70% from these loyal customers. Though the competition is very high still SL-sons always manages to break into the market with its good will that it has earned over the years of hard -work and efforts.

Customers since 1970 are still with the brand.